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Mobilize your organization to become a leader in Customer Experience. Train yourself and your teams on CX and NPS fundamentals, inspire behaviors to support positive change, and learn how to deliver exceptional customer experiences and grow your business - faster.

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Want to accelerate your progress? Then you want to join the Bain Community of the world’s best CX leaders. Learn from a global network of peers and CX experts, access the latest case studies, best practices and tools, and get immediate feedback on your action plans.

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CX and NPS Fundamentals

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Customer Insights and Analytics

Earned Growth and  Customer Economics

Earned Growth and Customer Economics

Customer Strategy

Customer Strategy

Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

CX Build and  Execution

CX Build and Execution

Customer Journey Management

Customer Journey Management

What our Customers say

The course had great content and was easy to follow along.

I like that I could start and stop at anytime based on my schedule.

I’ve done at least 3 other certifications and this one is by far the best.

It actually teaches you! For a seasoned professional in the field, just the learning path alone has provided me some super valuable and practical information that I can apply in real time.

I’d recommend this over any other in the market.

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Actionable CX Data and Analytics

Data is everywhere – but how do you accurately analyze it to unlock its true potential? 

Our Customer Experience Data and Analytics expertise can help you achieve end-to-end analytics mastery. Helping you turn your data into profit across customer journeys and life cycle.

Our Mission, your growth

We are here to help you, your teams and your business grow. Through our world-leading innovative CX and NPS training, technology and tools, you’ll be empowered to improve your customers’ love and loyalty, and drive long-term growth.


10 May 2023

Get the scoop on AI's evolution and learn how it will transform the CX landscape.

28 Apr 2023

Bain experts explain how new AI tools can revolutionize CX and service operations.

21 Apr 2023

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), businesses can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, personalize customer experiences, and provide proactive solutions to them.   

21 Mar 2023

Featuring insights from Phil Sager, Expert Partner at Bain & Company.

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