Go beyond surveys with Kinetics℠ AI

CX Data, Insights and AI

Kinetics℠ AI is the first data analytics platform built for CX from the experts at Bain, bringing visibility, better decision making and increased customer value. Kinetics℠ AI illuminates the whole picture of how your customers are feeling, and helps you make insight-driven decisions to make every customer happier.

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Empower your organization's growth journey with MyCX 

Our integrated subscription designed to elevate your Customer Experience capabilities and foster a customer-centric culture.

From assessing and advancing your business' CX capabilities to developing deeper expertise within your organization, and furthering your knowledge by learning from CX leaders and peers.

MyCX subscription includes:


MyCX Roadmap & Accreditation

Identify Opportunities for Growth

With an evidence-based methodology and a clear overview of where you stand, our unbiased CX Roadmap and Accreditation process helps you accurately assess your company’s CX Capabilities. Certify and benchmark against global best practices so you can identify actionable opportunities for CX improvements and grow your business faster.

What's included:

- Detailed report on full Current Capabilities 

- 12-month Roadmap of your prioritized initiatives

- Benchmark and learn gaps to best-in-class

- Accreditation Badge to be shared publicly

- Includes a Workshop to develop the Roadmap into your prioritized initiatives



MyCX Training & Certification

Build your Customer Experience Culture

Mobilize your organization to become a leader in Customer Experience. Train your teams on CX and NPS fundamentals, inspire behaviors to support positive change, and learn how to deliver exceptional customer experiences and grow your business - faster.

What's included:

- Supported learning journey, by the NPSx team, through in-depth and highly interactive courses

- Upskill your team's CX capabilities

- Earn 'Bain Certified CCX Practitioner' status

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MyCX Community

Your Global CX Community Membership

Want to accelerate your progress? Then you want to join the NPS Loyalty Forum and the digital Community of the world’s best CX leaders. Learn from a global network of peers and CX experts, access the latest case studies, best practices and tools, and get immediate feedback on your action plans.

What's included:

- Year-round in-person NPS Loyalty Forum events

- A dedicated Bain Mentor to advise you

- A hand-chosen CX peer to learn from 

- Community Small Groups
- All other CX community programming (webinars, events, etc.)


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Recognized CX Training and Certification


CX and NPS Fundamentals

team members working

Customer Insights and Analytics

Earned Growth and  Customer Economics

Earned Growth and Customer Economics

Customer Strategy

Customer Strategy

Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

CX Build and  Execution

CX Build and Execution

Customer Journey Management

Customer Journey Management

NPSx℠ by Bain & Company

Bain & Company, the creators of NPS® and the Net Promoter System®, launched NPSx to bring together decades of Customer Experience expertise from over 3000 successful CX transformations.

Regardless of your CX maturity, NPSx has been built to bring you the best customer first thinking in simple and accessible ways and help to improve your customers’ love and loyalty, and drive growth.



25 Jan 2024

We’re featuring an interview with Stanford Swinton, Founder of NPSx, as previously featured on Forbes.com and written by Gary Drenik. Read the article in its original publication here.

19 Jan 2024

To win on CX, you need a team. Erin Wallace, CCXP, director at NPSx in the Americas, explains how to structure and support CX within your organization. Spoiler alert: It’s not for the faint of heart.

5 Jan 2024

Holly Felicetta, head of Kinetics℠ AI at NPSx, explains how to predict customer sentiment and improve performance on metrics that matter.

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  • Why is customer experience important for a business?

    Customer experience is important for a business because it directly impacts the company's financial health. Companies with high customer engagement typically show higher revenue growth and profitability. Moreover, in today's competitive business environment, customer experience has become a key differentiator. Businesses that deliver exceptional customer experiences can set themselves apart from their competitors, leading to increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

  • Why is customer experience important for sales?

    In terms of sales, customer experience plays a vital role. A positive customer experience can lead to repeat business, customer retention, and referrals, all of which can drive sales growth. On the other hand, a negative customer experience can deter potential customers and lead to lost sales opportunities.

  • Why is a great customer experience important?

    Delivering a great customer experience is important because it can lead to increased customer satisfaction, loyalty, and advocacy. When customers have positive experiences with a company, they are more likely to continue doing business with that company and recommend it to others. This can lead to increased customer retention and acquisition, which can ultimately drive business growth.

  • Why is customer experience management important?

    Customer experience management is important because it allows businesses to understand their customers' needs and expectations, and to design and implement customer-centric processes. By continuously measuring and improving customer interactions, businesses can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can lead to increased customer retention and advocacy.

  • What are the 3 main components of customer experience?

    The three main components of customer experience are:
    1. Customer Interactions: This includes every touchpoint a customer has with a company, from initial contact to the final sale or interaction.
    2. Customer Perception: This refers to how customers perceive their interactions with a company. It encompasses their feelings, emotions, and overall satisfaction with the company.
    3. Customer Expectations: This refers to what customers expect from a company in terms of products, services, and interactions. Meeting or exceeding these expectations can lead to a positive customer experience.

  • What is a customer experience dashboard?

    A Customer Experience (CX) Dashboard is a comprehensive tool that provides a real-time, consolidated view of a company's customer experience performance. It aggregates and consolidates vital information from various data sources to provide relevant stakeholders with a 'one-stop-shop' view of CX performance. The dashboard enables organizations to adopt an episode view to customer experience beyond channel or functional siloes. By tracking and monitoring performance, executives are able to understand where to focus and improve customer experience and the company’s bottom line. The CX Dashboard is composed of various areas such as Customer Experience Index (CXI), Journeys, Channels, and Network Site performance. It also includes features like interactive user interface, alarm triggers for predefined thresholds per KPI, and various filters for detailed analysis.