CX Roadmap and Accreditation

Identify Opportunities for Growth

With an evidence-based methodology and a clear overview of where you stand, our unbiased CX Roadmap and Accreditation process helps you accurately assess your company’s CX Capabilities. Certify and benchmark against global best practices so you can identify actionable opportunities for CX improvements and grow your business faster.

CX Training

Build your Customer Experience Culture

Mobilize your organization to become a leader in Customer Experience. Train yourself and your teams on CX and NPS fundamentals, inspire behaviors to support positive change, and learn how to deliver exceptional customer experiences and grow your business - faster.

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CX Data, Insights and AI

Go Beyond Surveys with Kinetics℠ AI

Kinetics℠ AI is the first data analytics platform built for CX from the experts at Bain, bringing visibility, better decision making and increased customer value. Kinetics℠ AI illuminates the whole picture of how your customers are feeling, and helps you make insight-driven decisions to make every customer happier.

CX Communities

Your Global CX Community Membership

Want to accelerate your progress? Then you want to join the NPS Loyaty Forum and the digital Community of the world’s best CX leaders. Learn from a global network of peers and CX experts, access the latest case studies, best practices and tools, and get immediate feedback on your action plans.


Recognized CX Training and Certification


CX and NPS Fundamentals

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Customer Insights and Analytics

Earned Growth and  Customer Economics

Earned Growth and Customer Economics

Customer Strategy

Customer Strategy

Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

CX Build and  Execution

CX Build and Execution

Customer Journey Management

Customer Journey Management

NPSx℠ by Bain & Company

Bain & Company, the creators of NPS® and the Net Promoter System®, launched NPSx to bring together decades of Customer Experience expertise from over 3000 successful CX transformations.

Regardless of your CX maturity, NPSx has been built to bring you the best customer first thinking in simple and accessible ways and help to improve your customers’ love and loyalty, and drive growth.



13 Sep 2023

Generative AI can predict customer needs and drive ultra-personalized marketing and communication.

30 Aug 2023

Compared to other industries, UK retailers significantly increased NPS between 2019 and 2023. Here’s how.

22 Aug 2023

Personalized CX and digital experiences drive NPS in banking and financial services.

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