Expert level course

Expert level course


Knowledge checks / quiz and final test

Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

Self Transendence

Access to the CX community and course resources (with Premium Connect subscription)


1–3 hours, plus 90-minute final test


Competency assessments

Learning objectives

  • Communicate the true economic value of your customers and unlock the earned growth potential

  • Translate customer data into bottomline financial impact

  • Create a compelling and precise business case for improving the customer experience



Introduction to Customer Economics

  • Understand the importance of linking customer data to financial data

  • See how customer happiness translates into value for the company

  • Develop a business case and total value opportunity for enhancing the customer experience

  • Identify other ways to measure and track customer health



Demonstrating CX Value through Data Analysis and Earned Growth

  • Learn why segmentation is critical for customer economic analysis

  • Discover the elements of good profits and bad profits

  • Develop a business case for improving CX

  • Learn how to calculate earned growth 

NPSx training is for…

CX Practitioners and Teams

CX Practitioners and Teams

  • Bain Certified CX Practitioner accreditation

  • Seven full certification programs and capstone exam

  • On-demand: start and access your training anytime, anywhere

  • Timing: 1–3 hours per course

  • Online ‘bite-sized’ content that caters to your busy schedule

  • Access to CX professional level NPSx community, resources, and case studies

  • Engaging, practical, and immersive experience

  • Rigorous, in-depth content resulting in comprehensive understanding



  • Certificate of completion for all learners

  • On-demand and cohort-based training

  • Timing: 1–3 hours with flexible start / end dates for 100+ learners

  • Engaging, practical, and immersive experience

  • Access to NPSx community, resources, and case studies

  • Branded and customized to your corporate goals

  • Learner tracker and reporting

  • Learning activation workshop options

Customer Strategy

Certificate Program 4

Customer Strategy