Expert level course

Expert level course


Knowledge checks / quiz and final test

Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

Self Transendence

Access to the CX community and course resources (with Premium Connect subscription)


1–3 hours, plus 90-minute final test


Competency assessments

Learning objectives

  • Describe the two key components of customer strategy – “where to play” and “how to win”

  • Apply these components using techniques such as segmentation, driver analysis, prioritization frameworks, etc.

  • Distinguish between corporate and customer strategy

  • Recall other key considerations to set up for success when developing customer strategy



Where to Play – Prioritizing Customers Segments, Wants, and Needs

  • Discover the different ways you can segment your customer base

  • Learn to distinguish between corporate and customer strategy

  • Identify elements of digital disruption



How to Win – Prioritizing Product and Journey Features

  • Learn how to define Customer Experience Taxonomy

  • Understand how to apply the C.I.T. prioritization framework 

  • Identify how to set targets for your priority segments

All our training courses and certificates are designed to engage you and your team in the purpose of customer advocacy, teach fundamentals, and lay the foundation for deep CX disciplines.

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Customer Experience Design