Expert level course

Expert level course


Knowledge checks / quiz and final test

Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

Self Transendence

Access to online CX community and course resources (with Premium Connect subscription)


1–3 hours, plus 90-minute final test


Competency assessments

Learning objectives

  • Identify customer needs and embed user and customer empathy into the design process

  • Develop “North Star” future experiences linked to strategy

  • Test and pilot customer experience designs

  • Apply best practices and tried and tested approaches of design thinking to the product, journey, and experience redesign processes



CX Design

  • Discover the four principles of design

  • Define problem statements by identifying “the who” and “the what”

  • Discover the D.E.S.I.G.N. process, a framework that helps to design (or redesign) a customer journey, process, digital interface, policy, or customer communication:

Discover unmet needs
Discover unmet needs

Know the people you’re designing for, so you can understand their needs better

Envision the future
Envision the future

Come up with different solutions that might be useful to people

Storyboard the future
Storyboard the future

Develop a narrative that brings together several elements of a brainstorming session into something more

Index the requirements
Index the requirements

Create a user flow and turn your ideas into interactive mockups

Go prototype and test
Go Prototype and Test

Take your prototypes to your audience and get feedback

Note the learnings
Note the learnings

Take notes of insights and lessons learned from prototyping

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