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The first and only Bain-standard CX training and certification program in the world, launched by NPSx℠

All our training courses and certificates are designed to engage you and your team in the purpose of customer advocacy, teach fundamentals, and lay the foundation for deep CX disciplines.


Our library of CX certification programs

Develop deep expertise in the most critical customer experience disciplines and gain a Bain-certification (CCX) with seven essential courses plus a capstone exam:

In today’s world, customer expectations are changing rapidly and the CX function is evolving at the same pace.

Build a purpose-led culture, set the right corporate standards, and develop the most capable customer experience leaders in the industry.

What do you get?

All courses and individual certificate programs

  • Access to the our library of CX certificate programs and courses

  • On-demand: start and access your training anytime, anywhere

  • Online ‘bite-sized’ content that fits into your busy schedule

  • Engaging, practical, and immersive experience

  • Unparalleled training designed for real-world application

  • Contains a mix of videos, reading, knowledge checks, case studies and interactive exercises


  • Become a Bain Certified CX Practitioner (CCX) by completing all certificate programs and passing a capstone exam

  • Practitioner certificate

  • Badge


  • Lifelong learning with true peers

  • Community forum and discussion boards

  • Tailored Bain-led curriculum of content

  • Member case studies and discussions

  • Job boards and career opportunity sharing

  • NPSx training resources and toolkits

  • CX training and development implementation methods

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Our training is available for individuals and companies

Training for Myself

  • All courses & certificate programs
  • Bain Certified CX Practitioner Certification (CCX)
  • Community access
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Small team (up to 10 people)

  • If you run a team that only needs ten or fewer training licenses, our tiered pricing options will be perfect for you. And you can buy them right here
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Enterprise (10+ people)

  • For larger teams that need more than ten training licenses, please get in touch. By understanding your exact needs, we can deliver the right package for you.
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