Expert level course

Expert level course


Knowledge checks/quiz and final test, with thought exercises after every chapter to apply learnings to organizational context

Certificate of completion

Certificate of completion

Self Transendence

Access to the CX community and course resources (with Premium Connect subscription)


1-3 hours, plus 90-minute final test


Competency assessments

Learning objectives

  • Ensure successful standup of customer journeys

  • Identify capabilities to support customer journeys while alleviating problems with existing journeys

  • Embed new ways of working to ensure journey managers deliver as cross-functional, Agile teams

  • Identify governance and operating rhythms to deliver a successful customer journey



Introduction to Customer Journeys

  • Define customer journeys and explore the taxonomy for customer success

  • Identify the elements of a customer journey

  • Discover the cross-functionality of customer journeys



Setting up Customer Journeys for Success

  • Discover the key steps needed to set up successful customer journeys

  • Understand the makeup of a customer journey team



Capabilities and Agile Operating Rhythms

  • Discover common issues with customer journeys

  • Review the five capabilities that address journey issues

  • Explore how creating a robust, agile operating rhythm is essential for orchestrating journeys and the supporting capabilities

All our training courses and certificates are designed to engage you and your team in the purpose of customer advocacy, teach fundamentals, and lay the foundation for deep CX disciplines.

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CX and NPS Fundamentals