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Our best-in-class Customer Experience solutions are here to help you, your teams and your business grow.


NPSx empowers leaders with effective CX technologies and services, bringing together the best of Bain & Company's customer-first thinking and expertise.


Welcome to NPSx

A new Customer Experience business built by the creators of the Net Promoter System®, designed to give you and your business an unparalleled Customer Experience advantage.

Investing in good customer experience is essential for business growth, competitive advantage and brand reputation. Yet, we've heard from clients over decades that their current companies' CX programs are not being successfully implemented, tracked and improved.

NPSx℠ by Bain & Company was created to set a new standard in customer experience management. It brings together the best of Bain's customer-first thinking, packaged in simple and accessible ways, for leaders around the world.


NPSx℠ by Bain & Company builds on over 3000 Customer Experience transformations 

We have studied and practiced CX for decades, learning through several economic cycles and evolving customer expectations. As a new digital venture from Bain & Company’s Customer Experience practice, NPSx helps companies create leading customer experiences through world-class CX technology and training.


Our tools and technologies work seamlessly to deliver unparalleled customer advantage 

Kinetics℠ AI

Data, Insights and AI

  • Turn data into profit through a single source of truth with Kinetics℠ AI
  • Go beyond survey data and understand how your whole customer base is feeling 
  • Seamlessly harness the full potential of your customer data with advanced AI and machine learning

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Roadmap and Accreditation

  • Helps organizations identify opportunities for improvement
  • Get an evidence-led overview of how and where to prioritize investments
  • Benchmark Customer Experience capabilities against global peers


  • Engage all employees in the process of customer advocacy and teach fundamentals
  • Develop deep CX expertise through our customized learner journeys


  • Connect, share and learn with a global network of CX professionals and Bain practitioners in our digital community.
  • Become a member of the NPS® Loyalty Forum - an intimate community of CX professionals and Bain experts, sharing knowledge and advancing best practices to reach new levels of customer love and loyalty.

Ready to identify CX opportunities faster and find out what delights your customers?

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