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Predict Sentiment of Your Customers

Survey samples complemented with AI-based modeling allow you to capture a full picture of your customer base so you can delight customers and reduce pain points.

Strategize at the Single-Customer Level

Illuminate individual customer journeys using operational and financial data across a common architecture to simplify your reporting and pinpoint targets.

Harness the Potential of Customer Value Data

Enrich the lives of your customers more effectively and understand the ROI of your CX initiatives, adjusting in real-time based on emerging trends.

At NPSx, we are building the future of customer intelligence using machine learning

What is Kinetics℠ AI ?

Kinetics℠ AI is a strategic analytics platform that enables customer experience and business leaders to identify CX opportunities and easily understand the value of your customer initiatives.

Backed by Bain & Company’s expertise, you can align your organization around a single source of truth for measuring your customer experience so you can respond in real time. Fill the gaps in your customer feedback and predict the ROI for your CX programs using Kinetics’℠ advanced machine learning analytics.

Utilize AI and predictive NPS (pNPS) to gain additional insights into customer journeys and identify what makes a delighted, financially healthy customer before they tell you in a survey.

Benefits of Kinetics℠ AI

  • Build better, more nuanced relationships with your customers

  • Monitor the pulse of more customers, no longer limited by those who offer explicit feedback

  • Equip your customer experience teams with the information and tools to intervene and improve customer outcomes in real time

  • Anticipate, rather than react to, customer behaviors

NPSx Dashboard