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Why CX Roadmap?

  • Obtain an unbiased audit with an outside-in view on capability gaps and solutions to resolve challenges

  • Help Boards, Executive Teams and CX functions drive Customer Capability

  • Understand where your organization compares in the journey towards Customer Leadership

  • Identify actionable opportunities for investment and better resource allocation

  • Develop a roadmap to consistently achieve the CX Gold Standard

How It Works

  • Our CX Advance Framework℠ is the starting point for your roadmap and serves as a north star when measuring Customer Experience capabilities

  • NPSx experts will work with your team to gather evidence about your current capabilities and provide an assessment, comparing you to cross-industry and industry best practices

  • We will then share recommendations for future improvement and capabilities

What’s Included

  • Full assessment and explanation of your performance across key pillars of the CX framework

  • Individualized recommendations on how to improve your score over the next twelve months

  • NPSx Certificate and Badge valid for 12 months, renewed annually upon review