We offer customized learner journeys:

Training for all employees

Training for all employees

Learn how to deliver on the company value of customer obsession, define elements of a customer-centric company and culture, and inspire team behaviors to support positive change.

Based on Fred Reichheld’s must-read book “Winning on Purpose: The Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers”.

Training & Certification for CX teams

Training & Certification for CX teams

Develop deep expertise in the most critical customer experience disciplines and gain a Bain-certification (CCX) with seven essential certification programs:

  1. CX and Net-Promoter-Score® Fundamentals

  2. Customer Insights and Analytics

  3. Earned Growth and Customer Economics

  4. Customer Strategy

  5. Customer Experience Design

  6. CX Build and Execution

  7. Customer Journey Management

Customization options

Customization options

Content tailored to B2B or B2C businesses

• White labeling & branding - specific to your organization

• Include company CEO/CXO “welcome video” to learners

• Company-specific introductions and reflection for each chapter

• Case Study examples of your own customers


What our clients say

Benefits of CX training and certification

  • Better employee engagement on your customer purpose

  • Common language and CX practices across the organization

  • Deeper expertise from your core CX practitioners

Benefits of CX training and certification

As a learner and Bain-certified practitioner, participants also get access to an extensive online community of peers and expert practitioners. These communities help participants to solve real customer challenges with the support of other CX leaders from Bain and beyond.

Why CX training and certification?

In today’s world, customer expectations are changing rapidly and the CX function is evolving at the same pace. Build a purpose-led culture, set the right corporate standards, and develop the most capable customer experience leaders in the industry.

Why NPSx℠?

Our certification programs reflect the extensive work Bain & Company has done with clients over the last decades including over 3,600 Net Promoter System® and CX projects across regions and industries and the best of Bain’s learning approach.