How CX Training transforms you, your teams and your company

Exceptional NPSx Training from Bain & Company helps you and your teams become happier and more skilled in delighting your customers.

The happier your customers are, the more loyal they become – creating greater success for your company. In fact, NPSx Training from Bain & Company helps you get the ROI you’ve been looking for. Fast.

How we deliver your CX Training

NPSx Training by Bain & Company gives you expert tuition on delivering remarkable customer experiences through interactive, immersive classes and stimulating exercises based on real-life examples.

This proven method of success has helped thousands of businesses and teams all over the world increase their customer loyalty.

Here’s what other clients say

Hear from Laurie Dietz, President and CEO of TLS, as she highlights the impact CX Training has had on her organization, and what it can mean for yours.