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With a monthly Premium Connect subscription, you will get access to all NPSx CX certification programs. By completing all seven and passing an exam, you can qualify as a Bain Certified CX Practitioner (CCX). Your subscription also gives you access to our online Community of CX Practitioners. Find out more information about individual certifications in our CX certification library.

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CX certifications:

  • Winning on Purpose

  • Customer Insights & Analytics

  • Earned Growth and Customer Economics

  • Customer Strategy

  • Customer Experience Design

  • CX Build and Execution

  • Customer Journey Management

Our flexible training programs are designed to work for you (and around you):

  • On-demand: start and access your certification program anytime, anywhere

  • Timing: 1-3 hours per course

  • Online micro-learning ‘bite-sized’ content to cater to your busy schedule

  • Engaging, practical, and immersive experience

  • Contains a mix of videos, reading, knowledge checks, case studies and interactive exercises

  • Live facilitated sessions are part of the community experience

  • Complete all seven certifications and a capstone exam to become a Bain-certified CX practitioner

Your certification:

  • Become a Bain Certified CX Practitioner (CCX) and receive your own Practitioner certificate and badge

  • To become certified, you need to complete all the certification programs and a pass a Capstone exam

Our community of CX Practitioners is designed to promote life-long learning with true peers:

  • Community forum and discussion boards

  • Tailored Bain-led curriculum of content

  • Member case studies and discussions Job boards and career opportunity sharing

  • Tools to do the Job – all NPSx training resources and toolkits

  • CX training and development implementation methods

  • A social and professional network

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